Rethinking, Cooperating, Sharing

Germany – France – Russia – Ukraine

The project

This is the second cycle of the “Rethinking, Cooperating, Sharing” program, which takes place this time between France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine.

The origin of this project is to set up a four-national project with countries with a heavy historical, cultural and political heritage but also where the work of memory by the younger generation is necessary to create a more peaceful future. This project aims to develop new relationships and new perspectives between young people, for a common future in peace. Indeed, the four partner countries share a painful historical heritage: even though the Second World War is behind us, we are still living in the tumult of past conflicts. History is an eternal beginning and the intertwined national histories of Germany, France, Russia and Ukraine are no exception.

This youth exchange is a project that involves a great deal of commitment from the participants because it is about opening up to others, sharing and discovering new cultures and ways of thinking, but also showing maturity in the approach to commemorative work. The objective of this project is not only to evoke and revisit together historical facts that are often perceived differently from one country to another, but also to develop new relationships and new perspectives.

During each phase of the exchange, one in each country, the participants will be led to reflect together on the theme evoked by means of various journalistic and creative tools. This will be an opportunity for the participants to get familiar with different media but also for some of them to share their know-how and to highlight their creativity and artistic, manual and technological skills.

The coaching team is trained in alternative and non-formal learning methods and is experienced in youth work and remembrance work. In order to make this exchange a human and cultural success, the team will use pedagogical methods to guide the participants to listen to each other in order to establish an intercultural dialogue in mutual respect.

When and where

Phase I:Marseille – dates to be confirmed
Phase II:Berlin – dates to be confirmed
Phase III:Russia – dates to be confirmed
Phase IV:Ukraine – dates to be confirmed


This project is aimed at young people between 15 and 23 years old who have little access to international mobility programs and who are motivated to meet young people from partner countries and who want to work around the proposed theme. Each group will spend the three phases of the project together.

We wish to bring together diverse profiles in order to combine the different skills needed to carry out the project within the group. It is also important for us to have cultural and social diversity within each national group. The participants are not required to have advanced language skills because we work with interpreters during the formal times of the exchange.

8 participants per partner country will take part in this project.