Intercultural and digital projects

Our intercultural summer 2020

Digital project

Due to the appearance of Covid-19 and given the measures taken to contain the circulation of the virus, we have learned to work remotely with new online formats. We explored new digital opportunities to deal with today’s challenges of cross-cultural communication. In order to ensure the continuity of the intercultural and youth work that we had started before the health crisis, we considered organizing phases of digital exchanges over a period of 3 days.

Together with the teams of each project, we set a common date when the members of the national groups could meet locally. We planned daily online meetings during the projects to organize the different intercultural activities, discussions and methods with the participation of each national group. During these intermediate digital phases, we had to face the challenges of virtuality, in other words adapting the animations and methods, but also the translations.

Our goal was therefore to create a digital format adapted to an intercultural encounter of young people, allowing the groups to communicate with each other, but also to participate together in the activities. Our role was to guide the participants during this experience in order to help them overcome the difficulties related to the virtual border.

To do so, the team had to ensure that each activity was adapted to the digital format so that it could be used online. The possibility of setting up such a digital project allowed both to maintain contact between project participants and to create and democratize a space for digital exchange.

Summer brochure

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Project I:From stereotype to prejudiceGermany / France / Turkey 09.-11.07.2020
Project II:At the crossroads of historyGermany / France / Algeria16.-18.07.2020
Project III:Together for peaceGermany / France / Russia18.-20.07.2020
Project IV:Journalism without bordersGermany / France / Armenia21.-23.07.2020
Project V:Friendly matchGermany / France / Macedonia28.-30.07.2020


Our association is particularly careful to include in its projects a public with little access to international mobility and with different cultural, economic and social profiles in order to create diversity, which is fundamental for intercultural dynamics. This is why we work on a national scale with various associations and youth centers based in more or less large cities.

The digital projects targeted different audiences and were aimed at young people between 15 and 25 years old who have little access to international mobility programs and are motivated to meet young people from the partner countries and work on the proposed theme.

We wanted to have a variety of profiles in order to combine within the group the different skills needed to carry out projects. The cultural and social diversity within each national group is also important to us. No advanced language skills were required from the participants, as we work with interpreters during the formal exchange periods.