Movie night

The movie “Chocolat” (2016) by Roschdy Zem was shown outdoors on Friday, September 11th, 2020 at the Klubhaus-Spandau (Berlin) and in the garden of the Maison IV of our French partner Une Terre Culturelle (UTC) (Marseille). This event was open to the public in compliance with health regulations.

We decided to show a film that is less well known than the films that have been shown before at the open-air cinema events of the Klubhaus and which is a little more difficult to access because it deals with social issues. The team wanted to address an older audience than usual, as the Klubhaus already offers many activities for (young) children. This Franco-German evening was intended to reach the inhabitants of the neighborhood and not only the target audience of the youth center.

Course of the evening in Berlin

The Klubhaus has many years of experience in the organization and realization of events in the district of Falkenhagener Feld (Berlin-Spandau). The teams of Klubhaus-Spandau and Pangera e.V. prepared together the Franco-German evening on Westerwaldplatz by installing a large screen adapted to open-air cinema.

We have decided to limit access to this event for health and safety reasons. We announced in advance that only 100 places would be available.

Course of the evening in Marseille

The Franco-German evening in Marseille was much quieter than in Berlin, because it took place in the garden of the Maison IV, which offers much less space for the organization of a large event. It was mainly attended by the volunteers and staff of the association, which is composed of an international team (France, Germany, Russia, Morocco, Tunisia, Palestine…).

At the beginning of the evening, we made a video call to share the different atmospheres and wish each other a good Franco-German evening!