Our association

Pangera e.V. is an association of committed social workers and experienced intercultural youth leaders who have joined forces to promote international youth mobility and intercultural dialogue. Our main goal is to make existing offers accessible to young people that is largely excluded from participating in individual or collective mobility experiences due to various hurdles. 

For members and supporters of Pangera, international mobility of young people is of utmost importance. This is a great help for the social development and professional integration of young people. Indeed, the added value of mobility and intercultural exchange in the field of education is now widely recognised: It enables young generations to develop new personal, social, intercultural and professional competences, which ultimately strengthen their employability. Against this background, we organise international exchange programmes for young people and training courses on intercultural learning for actors in the socio-educational and cultural sector. All our projects are in line with the concepts of intercultural learning as a basis for the acquisition of social skills of our participants.