Certified Basic Training

Germany – France – Maghreb region

The project

The aim of this basic multinational training is to strengthen Euro-Mediterranean cooperation at the level of civil society and to enable a growing generation of young people to become aware of a common Euro-Mediterranean existence. To this end, we would like to raise awareness among actors involved in international youth work about intercultural learning processes, to provide them with tools for diversity-oriented work and to encourage them to stimulate exchanges and contacts between people from Germany, France and the Maghreb countries.

The partner organisations focus mainly on working with social groups that are excluded from participating in intercultural mobility and exchange experiences due to various hurdles.

Dates and places

Phase I:Berlin – Summer 2020
Phase II:Maghreb – November 2020
Phase III:Marseille – in spring 2021 

The participants

8 participants with diverse profiles from each partner countries will be present at this seminar.