Rap Project

The project

The Klubhaus is not only a youth center, but also a neighborhood house that is a meeting place for the residents of Falkenhagener Feld in Spandau (Berlin). The public that attends this establishment is diverse. Many of the participants in the Rap project have a migration background and are young professionals.

This project was conceived and designed by two volunteers who were supported by the Outreach-Berlin, Pangera e.V. and KNiFF e.V ‘s teams. The two volunteers have complementary organizational and creative skills, and the KNiFF e.V. team was of great professional and logistical support during the course of the project.

Objectives of the project

  • Write rap lyrics on selected themes (writing workshop) ;
  • Open a discussion on the texts produced (work of reflection through non-formal education methods);
  • Discover rap artists (precursors of the hip-hop movement in the US, Germany and France, conscious rap etc.);
  • Record songs;
  • Organize rap battles ;
  • Meet with other youth centers;
  • Organize a concert.

The strong point of the project

One of the most important pedagogical points of this project is the self-regulation / self-management of the group by the group. We decided to let the group be autonomous within a framework of rules defined by the young people themselves. This choice of pedagogy was the foundation of a relationship based on trust between the group and the supervising team and was the driving force behind the project by making the participants responsible for the progress of the project but also for the common use of the working room.