Promotion evening

On Thursday, December 10th, 2020, our French partner Une Terre Culturelle organized the annual promotion evening. This evening took place online with the presence of our colleagues, partners and volunteers.

This evening was the occasion to look back on the events of this challenging year 2020 where we had to learn how to adapt to new digital tools in order to keep offering our audience intercultural exchanges and training.

In 2020 we had to rethink our international exchanges to maintain intercultural dialogue despite travel restrictions. We conducted youth exchange projects as well as meetings of youth and social workers in digital or hybrid formats.

Course of the evening in Marseille

The UTC team had prepared a very full program: language activities, enerzigers, quizzes, presentation of the different sectors (collective mobility, individual mobility, transversal projects), a mini-concert and feedback on the internship abroad project IMAJINA.

Course of the evening in Berlin

The Pangera e.V. team was connected from the Klubhaus-Spandau in Berlin, where a parallel Franco-German evening was taking place. The volunteers got together and offered the youth center team to participate in the promotion evening while enjoying sweet pancakes.