What is volunteering?

Volunteering is a temporary commitment that allows you to acquire new skills, but also to highlight and put your knowledge into practice. It is an opportunity for young adults like you to discover and gain experience in the professional world. An internship enables you to develop a network and skills to find your first job. Volunteering enables you to develop a personal project and to discover different life paths. 

Volunteering abroad offer an opportunity of international mobility that provides a unique intercultural experience. Mobility, be it collective or individual, is often perceived as a turning point in life, as this experience abroad allows you to discover and exchange outside of your daily life and familiar environment! 

However, volunteering is not a contract of employment. Your service is not intended to replace a staff member in an organization. Volunteering is a commitment to civil society for a collective purpose. You will have an assignment according to a defined educational project that will allow you to acquire professional skills and experience.

Main information

  • Up to 12 months volunteering abroad for any young European adult;
  • Insurance and travel expenses covered by the volunteering program;
  • Monthly income;
  • Delivery of a certificate of voluntary service;
  • A voluntary service agreement will be signed between the following parties:
    • the volunteer
    • the host organization abroad
    • Pangera e.V. as the sending organization

Our volunteering programs

The European voluntary serviceThe German-French voluntary service
18-30 years old18-25 years old
Intended for all European citizensIntended for all French or German citizens
12 months max, meaning you have the right to accumulate many short-term voluntary services
throughout Europe and some neighbouring countries
6, 10 or 12 months of volunteering in Germany or France
2 seminars per voluntary service2 to 4 seminars

Guidance throughout the volunteering service

Volunteering abroad may seem like a big challenge, but you won’t be alone!  

  • There will be supervisors to support you during your stay abroad. You will be in contact with a representative of the host organization and with one of us, so that you will always have someone to contact if any problem occurs.
  • While volunteering, you will have the opportunity to meet other volunteers in seminars and share with them your experiences, difficulties and successes.