Side by side

Germany – France – Turkey

The project

Learning begins in early childhood, long before entering formal education systems, and continues throughout life. Formal educational approaches often determine the education of young people and despite the existence of other educational models. However, they are not accessible to many population groups. Furthermore, childcare workers, educational professionals and parents from different backgrounds and cultural environments rarely have the opportunity to discuss in depth about views.

France, Germany and Turkey are three countries where concepts of early childhood education and care have developed differently. The comparison of similarities and differences between these countries can contribute to constructive, common reflections and promote openness towards other forms of education.

Furthermore, issues such as interculturality and diversity are of utmost importance to many actors in early childhood education today. Professionals are often confronted with a cultural diversity for which they have not necessarily been trained. Diversity-oriented work and raising awareness about intercultural learning are processes that involve questioning certain perspectives and require an adaptation of pedagogical methods and professional practices.


  • getting to know different educational systems in the three partner countries and exchange views on similarities and differences;
  • visiting various institutions and projects of children care: intergenerational care, parent-child reception, day care centres and kindergartens, schools of alternative learning;
  • meeting and exchanging with artists who have specialized in working with children;
  • participation to the festival “MELI MOME” in Reims about early childhood education and entertainment.

Dates and places

Phase I:Reims – from 29/03/2020 to 05/04/2020 
Phase II:Istanbul – in October 2020
Phase III:Berlin – in spring 2021 

The participants

8 participants with diverse profiles from each partner countries will be present at this seminar (e.g. childcare professionals / pedagogues / multicicators).