ACTION – Radio project

Germany – France

The project

This is a Franco-German youth project which is part of a cycle of exchanges carried by the partnership between Pangera e.V. and the association “ECCO Ecouter-Comprendre”. Over the years, this partnership has been able to support various local and international projects (for instance, the creation of a home for young people in Donchery, a school project in Cottbus, a Franco-German-Turkish training course for early childhood professionals). The projects emerging from this cooperation are a great local and social success among young people and youth workers because they allow the participants to get involved in their region and to see something different from the rural exodus that currently threatens the outlying regions of France and Germany.

This intercultural exchange aims to support the local and political commitment of young people through reflection and the development of a radio program. In France, we will work in collaboration with Radio Sedan (a local radio station) with whom we will hold workshops to introduce the participants to journalistic and radio work. This project will be an opportunity for young people to choose a theme, to deepen it and to exchange their knowledge and perspectives with others in order to create an intercultural and intersocial dialogue. Through the elaboration of this program, we wish to promote the exchange between the participants and the people involved in the creative process (professionals, witnesses of reports, etc.) but also to fight against the invisibility of the problems faced by young people from remote areas.The aim of our project is to broadcast the program on local French and German airwaves in order to appropriate the public space, to create a space of speech for a part of the population that is not heard enough and thus to strengthen the bonds of living together in these isolated regions.

The main objective of the project is to create a radio program and have it broadcast on local French and German radio stations. For this purpose we want to organize workshops with professionals and introduce the participants to journalistic and radio work. The work and the treatment of information is challenged by social networks and the Internet, that’s why we also want to bring methods to young people to teach them how to read information with discernment.

We want to give voice and create a privileged space for discussion for young people from outlying regions whose discourse is invisible. The broadcasting of the program on the local airwaves in France as well as in Germany is therefore symbolic because it will allow us to finally highlight the discourse of these young people but also to reach a large audience.

When and where

Phase I:Donchery – dates to be confirmed
Phase II:Berlin – dates to be confirmed


This project is aimed at young people between 15 and 23 years old who have little access to international mobility programs and who are motivated to meet young people from partner countries and who want to work around the proposed theme. Each group will spend the three phases of the project together.

We wish to bring together diverse profiles in order to combine the different skills needed to carry out the project within the group. It is also important for us to have cultural and social diversity within each national group. The participants are not required to have advanced language skills because we work with interpreters during the formal times of the exchange.

8 participants per partner country will take part in this project.